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RYZR Rehab & Performance

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Hi, I'm Dr. Trevor Anderson. I'm not like other chiropractors.

Imagine a chiropractor and a physical therapist had a baby, and the nanny is a strength coach. RYZR is that baby. 

Being raised in Cache Valley and having participated in multiple elite sport programs, I understand the importance of having a provider that understands athletes.

Now as an active adult, I recognize the importance of understanding pain and how to stay active.

Welcome to RYZR Rehab where we push the status quo on muscle and joint rehab. Treatments will look like a mix of a chiropractor visit, sprinkled with strength training. This is done to create real change, not just a short lived "pop".  

I've been given the nickname the Anti-Chiro Chiro. This is because I don't practice the voodoo that plagues the chiropractic profession. I utilize the good of chiropractic and combine with other evidence informed treatment modalities.

Now, do I still adjust backs? Yes, but that's only the start of what I do. If you have never been to chiropractor or you have seen one for years, I extend the invitation to come meet us and see what we can offer you at RYZR Rehab. 


Bobbi Chatterton is our massage therapist with a spin. She is the only Electrons Plus provider in the state of Utah.

What does that mean?

It means she provides a world-class electromagnetic massage that is unlike anything else you have experienced.

Bobbi's understanding of the body, combined with her expertise, make her one of the most sought-after massage therapists around.

Visit us today and get back to living pain free!

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