Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions about chiropractic care

Frequently asked questions

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Our initial visits are around 60 minutes in duration. This longer period of treatment allows us to get your full story and leaves you with an opportunity to address and go over everything in full detail. We don’t rush these sessions, as it’s vital to understand you and your condition.

A majority of the visit will be comprised of talking through your history with your current complaint, answering any questions you may have, and leaving you with a good understanding of what’s going on in your body.

A physical exam will be done after the consult, usually consisting of finding movements or activities that provoke the complaint, as well as ones that are tolerable to help establish a baseline moving forward with rehab design. Given the complaint or condition, further examination and physical testing may be done.

Once the physical exam is completed, you and your provider will discuss a plan of treatment options moving forward in your recovery.

Treatment to some capacity will be administered during the visit as well.

(Because of the nature of the physical exam, please dress in comfortable athletic clothing that allow for free movement.)

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