Making Sports Chiropractic More Accessible to You


At RYZR, we believe everyone is an athlete. As we get into more elite levels of competition, we find that it takes more work on our part to continue to perform at our fullest. We also know that injuries do and will occur. We designed our membership programs with this in mind, so that you can conveniently do what it takes to compete at your best. We offer two different membership programs.


1: Athlete Membership

This program is designed for athletes focusing on staying in the game. A great option for getting regular chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue and muscle work, as weill as minor exercise programming. In this membership you receive two 20-minute in-person appointments every month, consistent continued support via text and call, and prescribed exercise regimen all for $100/month.

2: Rehab Membership 

This program is designed for those looking to get back in the game and something more specific in their care. Here, sports chiropractic works its' best. This program includes two 40-minute appointments each month that include everything in the athlete membership program but goes above and beyond to target specific needs, rehab injuries, or address chronic pain. This membership costs $175/month.

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